Addiction Recovery Begins By Choosing To Reach Out For Help Call Crisis Care
Alcoholism, Various Other Addictions & Codependency Are Not Moral Issues

    They are very serious family & social problems ( tragic illnesses ) that most often require
    professional diagnosis & treatment in the beginning of the recovery process.

    If you or a family member, friend or loved one is new to recovery methods & procedures
    we strongly suggest that you call or visit a professional substance abuse counselor
    & ask for their advice before you attempt to do anything suggested on this website.
All 12 Step Recovery Program Meetings USA- Wikipedia List Of 12 Step Groups

    We also suggest that you attend at least six 12 Step Recovery Program Meetings
    & ask about their beginner's meetings &   sponsorship program.
Your   Anonymity   &  Confidentiality   Will Be Protected

    If you choose to visit a 12 Step Meeting for any type of personal problem
    no one outside of the meeting will ever know you attended or what you shared.

    That is why they call their meetings   anonymous    & use first names only.
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    The recovery information provided on this website ( flybenji tm ) was put together
    by recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, other types of addicts & their family members
    who reside in the Dayton, Ohio & surrounding areas who choose to remain anonymous.
This Website Is A Free Public Service That Has No Income Whatsoever
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We do this only with the hope that another unfortunate family may be spared  our sickening fate.
The premature loss of a loved one to a horrible family & social problem called addiction!   Mission Statement
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