Public Discloser & Legal Disclaimer

    The Benjamen Hugo Dice Foundation of Kettering, Ohio USA
    better known as flybenji tm ( Foundation ) is a sole entity.

    The Foundation has no income whatsoever & does not solicit for or accept outside
    monetary contributions or donations. No one pays for ads or links posted herein..

    All Foundation expenses are appropriated out of pocket by William David Dice
    Administrator Of The Benjamen Hugo Dice Foundation better known as flybenji tm
    & father of the late Benjamen Hugo Dice 1976-2006 the person this website is dedicated to.

    Benji was believed to be an alcoholic, drug addict & sex addict ( multiple addictions )
    who was robbed & murdered buying illegal drugs in Dayton, Ohio in 2006. Addiction cost him his life.

    The self help recovery information displayed on all pages of this website ( Website )
    is provided absolutely free of charge as a public service only.

    Said information was composed & provided by recovering alcoholics, drug addicts,
    other types of addicts & persons recovering from codependency that reside in the Dayton, Ohio Area
    who choose to remain anonymous.

    Simply their own personal perceptions or opinions concerning any particular subject matter mentioned herein
    which does not necessarily reflect the position of, or opinion of, any other self help recovery related concern,
    mental health concern, faith based recovery concern or 12 Step Recovery Program Fellowship
    this website mentions or links visitors to. Recovering people naturally know a lot about recovery matters.

    We are not affiliated with, a part of, nor do we represent any particular  12 Step Recovery Program
    or Faith Based Organizations. We do not endorse any particular addiction recovery entity linked to herein.

    All visitors to this Website are encouraged to Take What You Like & Leave The Rest
    in so much as the information displayed on this Website or other websites it links visitors to
    is not guaranteed or warranted by Foundation to be true, correct, accurate, authentic or factual.

    Public Discloser: The recovering composers ( anonymous contributors of self help recovery information )
    are not duly qualified mental health professionals or duly licensed professional counselors or therapist in The
    State Of Ohio nor do they claim to be.

    Fair Warning: Addictions, alcoholism, codependency & other mental disorders or illnesses
    have the power to destroy or take human lives.

    Legal Disclaimer ( Value Of Recovery Information Provided On This Website ): Any personal knowledge
    gained as a result of visitors throughly examining & researching the contents of this website will afford them
    no personal power whatsoever over any type of mental disorder or illness including alcoholism, drug addiction,
    other types of addiction or codependency.

    Protect Yourself & Others From Possible Personal Harm: It is for these said reasons above that all visitors
    who feel they themselves or any other person in their lives may suffer from addiction, alcoholism, codependency
    or other types of mental disorders or illnesses should always consult with a professional  counselor  or therapist
    before they attempt to perform or do anything suggested ( self help suggestions ) on this website
    or other websites it links them to.

    If you have alcoholism, drug addiction, other types of addiction or codependency in your life
    please know that you are not alone. This website is simply a bi-product of great human suffering.

    There are many people who have experienced these types of difficulties in their past lives & learned from that.

    This self help website is a way for anonymous recovering people to give back what was freely given to them
    over the years by many other kind & generous recovering people who walked before them
    in the Dayton, Ohio area ( it takes one to know one ).

    They will do the same for you.

    This is the message flybenji tm brings to those who still suffer ( Reach Out For Help! ).

    William David Dice, Activist & Administrator
    The Benjamen Hugo Dice Foundation Since 2006
    Better Known As flybenji  tm
    Kettering, Ohio USA & Worldwide Inter-Net Connections

"Thank You So Much For Visiting Benji's Website."
    Hush, I pray you!  What if this friend happen to be-God? God teaches us to help each other so, Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
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