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    Information/Help For The Family Members, Loved Ones, Relatives, Friends
    Or Co-Workers Of Active Untreated Alcoholics Or Substance Abusers ( Drugs )
Reach Out For Help For Yourself!
    Addictions are cunning, baffling & powerful according to The Big Book of AA-Alcoholics Anonymous.

    If you have an alcoholic, drug addict or any other type of addict in your life I am sure that you have already come
    to that conclusion on your own.

    If you are like me you have more than likely already tried everything you could think of in attempting to reason
    with them, rescue them, save them, or fix them.

    Almost everyone does that when they discover that someone in their life has developed a problem with
    alcoholism, drug addiction or any other type of addiction.

    This page will help you better cope with the problem but the problem will more than likely remain in your life.

    That is the harsh reality of addiction whether you like it or not.

    Our loved ones may never fully overcome their addictions irregardless of what we do or do not do.

    Personally I have been in recovery myself for many years for both addiction & codependency issues & there is
    not much I do not know about addiction or addiction recovery procedures if you have examined my website I am
    sure you would agree.

    That has had no positive effect on the addicts in my life whatsoever & many of them continue to act out in their
    addictions & codependency issues irregardless of how much I know or do not know.

    I am simply powerless in that nothing I could ever say or do will have any positive effect on or power over
    alcoholism, drug addiction or any other type of addiction.

    All I can do is take a good look at myself & my own dysfunctional behaviors by working a recovery program for
    myself & no others which includes the alcoholics, drug addicts or other types of addicts in my life.

    When I keep the focus on myself things seem to get better for me & my life.

    Other people like me more when I do that including the alcoholics, drug addicts & other types of addicts in my life.

    In reality I am the only person I can change, fix, rescue or save anyway period.

    It took me a long time to grab that simple fact of life.

    I want you to know that somebody cares about you & fully understands your dilemma.

    That someone is me & exactly why I created this website with the help of many other recovering people who
    also care about you.

    All you have to do to get started in your own recovery program is attend at least six  Al-Anon Meetings.

    If you reside in the Dayton, Ohio area this is the  Dayton Al-Anon Website  listing all meetings & their location.

    You do not have to call ahead of time or anything like that.

    Just show up at the time the meeting you choose to attend is scheduled to begin.

    There are a series of six beginner meetings held at various locations in The Dayton, Ohio area that are highly
    recommended for people new to recovery methods & procedures. Find them on the Al-Anon website.

    If you choose to visit an Al-Anon Meeting no one outside of the meeting will ever know you attended or what you
    shared as all twelve step recovery meetings are  anonymous  & use first names only.

    People in Al-Anon are very friendly & caring & will welcome you with open arms & appreciate your attendance.

    In the event you have yet to do so I would also recommend that you make an appointment to visit with a
    counselor  that specializes in treating addiction & codependency issues for a personal evaluation & advice.

    I enabled the alcoholics, drug addicts & other types of addicts in my life for many years which simply did them
    more harm than good but at the time I did not know that along with a lot of other things I know now.

    The Four Don'ts Are Boundaries.
    They Help People To Stop The Destructive Practice Of Enabling Alcoholics Or Addicts:

    1. Don't do anything for them that they can do for themselves.

    2. Don't do anything for them just because you are feeling sorry for them.

    3. Don't do anything for them that you do not really want to do.

    4. Don't do anything for them that you are not asked to do.

    Personally I will also not allow any active untreated alcoholic, drug addict or any other type of addict to live in my
    home period but it is not for me to tell others what they should or should not do even though such an action on
    their part is destructive to alcoholics, drug addicts or other types of addicts simply because it is enabling.

    Thank you for visiting flybenji.

    Anonymous, father of an alcoholic/addict.
flybenji Mission Statement
We urge you to reach out for help from other people in recovery programs.
There are many recovering people in the Dayton, Ohio area
. They will help you.
Recovering Parents Al-Anon Group
Epiphany Lutheran Churchol
6430 Far Hills Ave. (Rt 48)
(Just North of Far Hills and 675)
Centerville, OH. 45459
7:30 P.M.- 8:30 P.M.

This meeting consist mostly of people
who have children who abuse drugs or alcohol.

Go to rear of Church & park. Go through rear double doors & then
down hallway to the left. Last room on the left.
Centerville Tuesday Night Al-Anon
Southminster Presbyterian Church  
7001 Far Hills (Rt 48)  
(At Alex Bell)  
Centerville, OH. 45459  
* 7:00 PM Beginners Meeting  
8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

Beginners meeting for people new to
Al-Anon at 7:00 P.M. Pull in front
driveway Far Hills Ave Rte 48 & park.
Go through double doors on far right
of parking lot into large room.
Two Al-Anon Meetings In South
Dayton, Ohio Area
* check Dayton Al-Anon Website
for other meetings in Dayton area.