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    Some troubled human beings act out in various types of addictions as a way & or means
    of coping with their own personal human brokenness, limitation & pain.
    Let Go & Let God By John E. Keller

    They unknowingly & unconsciously act out in their addictions to medicate their emotional
    pain or augment their pleasure thinking in their own minds that is the solution to all of their
    personal problems. What they are really doing is losing their lives. Everyone around them
    sees that is so but they can not as their addictions cause them to suffer
    impaired thinking to the extreme. Called denial & delusion or defense mechanisms.

    John Bradshaw:

    All addiction in a sense is about not being able to say no or not having that boundary.

    I believe all addictions are an aborted spiritual quest for God.

    Little false Idolatries or religions.

    If you have a spouse, relationship partner, child, relative, friend or co-worker that has a
    problem with alcoholism, drug addiction or any other type of addiction you already know
    what an addict is & what addiction is really all about. How could you not? It is that bad.

    Addictions are cunning, baffling & powerful according to AA Alcoholics Anonymous.
    People recovering in AA Alcoholics Anonymous & other twelve step recovery programs
    know more about addicts & addiction than anyone else on Mother Earth. It takes one to
    know one.

    Addictions are more powerful than any human being
    & all human beings are powerless over any type of addiction or codependency issues.
    All includes all alcoholics, drug addicts, other types of addicts & their codependents
    ( family members, relatives, friends, loved ones or co-workers ).
    It may take newcomers to recovery efforts a long time to accept their powerlessness.

    Some of us unfortunates got lucky & found a way out of our many addictions &
    codependency issues of which we had relied upon for oh so long to make us whole.
    Why we were the ones chosen to participate in recovery programs we will never know.
    We choose to give back out of gratitude for the kind, loving & caring recovering people
    who went out of their way to help us save what we had left of our lives asking us for
    nothing in return except the willingness to help others as they had helped us.

    We hope our spiritual journey & experiences will help you or your concerned family
    members, friends, loved ones or co-workers overcome your difficulties concerning a
    horrible social & family problem called addiction and/or codependency which is no cake
    walk either. Alcoholism, Addiction & Codependency are tragic treatable illnesses.

    This simple website created by knowledgeable recovering people in the Dayton, Ohio area
    offers a simple & proven way out of addiction & codependency for all who desire recovery.

    Addicts & their codependents must be willing to finally take a good look at themselves.
    There is no softer or easier way to overcome addiction or codependency. None.

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Please Take Our Word On That As Addiction Has The Power to Destroy Or Take Human Lives.
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All addictions can be & are often times fatal if left untreated.
In reality all that active untreated alcoholics & addicts have to look forward to is premature death.
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Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God?  God teaches us to help each other so, Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
No Matter How Far Down The Scale You Have Gone You Will See How Your Experience Can Benefit Others!  AA  NA
What They Are Really Doing Is Losing Their Lives!
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